WIETA board members

Chairperson – Mzukisi Mooi

Mzukisi is a development, education and training practitioner with experience in adult education, community development and conflict management. He is the Operations Manager for the Centre for Rural Legal Studies.

"As a social justice and human rights activist I strive to challenge existing social and economic inequalities, and involvement with ethical trade through WIETA will promote systemic change to ensure access to rights and justice for all in the agriculture sector.”

Vice Chair – Donald Mouton

Donald represents wine producers/growers on the WIETA Board and is the farm manager for Fairview.

"Transformation is not a feeling, it's an act of your will.”

Treasurer – Rico Basson

Rico Basson is the CEO of VinPro, the service organisation for 3 600 South African wine cellars and producers. He represents them on all relevant forums and in dealings with government. He also serves on various other wine Industry boards.

"Sustainable wine production depends interalia on a sound working relationship between producers and their labour force. The WIETA code provides both a local and a global framework to ensure that this relationship is maintained and strengthened."

Su Birch

Su is the CEO of Wines of South Africa (WOSA), a not-for-profit industry body which promotes the exports of all South African wines, and a passionate supporter of WIETA. She has been involved with WIETA since its inception and has been an Exco member from the start, with only a one-year break. WOSA was instrumental in arranging the initial funding for the establishment of WIETA from the WOSA UK Importers Committee CCT Fund.

"I believe it is only by working together with all constituencies that we will make significant improvements in the lives of workers".

Henk Bruwer

Henk is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Riebeek Cellars, a Director of the Paarl Bottling Company and a member of the boards of the Wine Industry Development Association (WIDA) and Wines of South Africa (WOSA).

"I believe WIETA is not only a social code but part of our social obligation to the broader wine society of South Africa. It can make a difference."


Llewellyn Cupido

Llewellyn is the Food and Allied Workers' Union (FAWU) representative.

"I serve on WIETA's board because ethical trade should ensure that fair labour standards as well as terms and conditions of employment are improved for workers. This would create an enabling environment for workers to highlight important issues to their employers, retailers and the consumers. Consumers would be able to purchase these products that have been produced by workers that have taken ownership of their sector and to ensure its sustainability."


Carmen Louw

Carmen is a Programme Coordinator at the Women on Farms Project and a representative for the civil society constituency on the WIETA Board.

"WIETA is the only multi-stakeholder body within the sector. It is an important vehicle that ensures compliance to legal standards and promotes ethical trade. Through my participation on the Board, I hope to contribute towards the transformation of a system that historically promoted gender and economic inequalities."


Kurt Moore

Kurt, an attorney by profession with over 17 years experience in the wine industry, is the Deputy Director of the South African Liquor Brand Owners Association (SALBA).

"We believe that WIETA has a key role to play in improving working conditions on farms and empowering workers. In so doing we believe our industry will become more competitive and we will strengthen our position in the global arena."

Nosey Pieterse

Nosey represents the Bawsi Agricultural Workers Union of South Africa (BAWUSA) as their General Secretary on the WIETA Board.

"As an organisation, BAWUSA thinks WIETA has huge potential to prevent labour incidences as witnessed previously. We thank the WIETA chairperson, CEO and the WIETA producer members for the work done thus far. As BAWUSA, we are committed to WIETA and to the compliance with WIETA's Code of Conduct."



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